Aalto, Aino
Aalto, Aino | Finland
(1894-1949) It was in 1924 that Aino Marsio went t
Aalto, Alvar
Aalto, Alvar | Finland
(ŏl´vär äl´tō) , 1898-1976, Finnish arch
Acme Studio
Acme Studio | Hawaii
ACME Studio is an international product design com
AKAR | Iowa
Alessi | Italy
Alessi, one of the most important "Factories of It
Almsig, Kim
Almsig, Kim | Denmark
”Successful design makes you curious and makes you
Antonio Citterio &, Glen Oliver Low
Antonio Citterio &, Glen Oliver Low | Italy
Born in Meda, Italy, in 1950. An internationally r
Areaware | New York
Areaware is a New York City based producer of ever
Arto Kankkunen &, Laura Partanen
Arto Kankkunen &, Laura Partanen | Finland
Finland’s Laura Partanen, born in 1972, and Arto K
Ban, Shigeru
Ban, Shigeru | Japan
Born in Tokyo in 1957, Japanese architect SHIGERU
Barteling, Simon
Barteling, Simon | Switzerland
Simon Barteling was born in 1973. He studied prod
Baxbo | Utah
BAXBO is a company that sells fun and unique produ
Berntsen, Maria
Berntsen, Maria | Denmark
The joy of creating ....

”Designing is communic
Beyond123 | New York
We are a young company with a simple goal: to prov
black + blum
black + blum | London
Dan Black and Martin Blum are an Anglo-Swiss Partn
Blomus | Germany
Blomus was established in 2001 to innovatively man
Bo Hansen, Flemming
Bo Hansen, Flemming | Denmark
Goldsmith and designer
Born 1955 in Copenhagen.
BODUM | Denmark
"Good design doesn't have to be expensive" - Peter
Bojesen, Kay
Bojesen, Kay | Denmark
"Even though an old proverb says ’too much special
Boontje, Tord
Boontje, Tord | France
Working on the cusp of design and craft, Tord Boon
Boym, Constantin
Boym, Constantin | New York
Born in Moscow, Russia in 1955, Constantin Boym al
Brodmann, Fredi
Brodmann, Fredi | Masschuesetts
Born in Vienna in 1956, FREDI BRODMANN attended th
Calello, Patrick
Calello, Patrick | New Jersey
Designer Patrick Calello specializes in innovative
Chef'n | Washington
There's something you should know about us. We can
Chemex | Massachusetts
The Chemex Coffeemaker was invented in 1
Chewbeads | New York City
Chilewich, Sandy
Chilewich, Sandy | New York
In her New York based studio, Sandy Chilewich appl
Cisotti, Biagio
Cisotti, Biagio | Italy
Born in Puglia in 1955. He works and lives in Flor
Citterio, Antonio
Citterio, Antonio | Italy
Born in Meda, Italy, in 1950. An internationally r
Coates, Nigel
Coates, Nigel | United Kingdom
"Because architecture is sensuous, the more of it
Constructive Eating
Constructive Eating | United States and Canada
Like many kids, our son fell in love with construc
Corkcicle | Florida
Experience wine at the perfect temperature every t
Cose Nuove
Cose Nuove | Minnesota
European home accents inspired by the designs of S
Da Vinci, Leonardo
Da Vinci, Leonardo | Italy
Leonard Da Vinci was born in 1452 in Vinci, Italy.
Davek New York
Davek New York | New York
Based in New York City, DAVEK (pronou
Di Rosa, Mattia
Di Rosa, Mattia | Italy
Born at Carrara in 1969, artist. His obsessive exp
Dreamfarm | Australia
You’re gonna love it here. We grow ideas into new
Dyer, Rod
Dyer, Rod | California
He has been honored by many of the top awards pres
Ekobo | France
Ekobo is an eco-friendly enterprise specialising i
Emiliana Design Studio
Emiliana Design Studio | London
Ana Mir and Emili Padrós became known in 1992 from
Enrica Zanzi &, Elena Danti
Enrica Zanzi &, Elena Danti | Italy
Florence-born architect and designer Elena Danti h
Epicurean | Minnesota
Epicurean sets the standard for t
Eva Solo
Eva Solo | Denmark
Eva Solo was launched in 1997.
As an offspring of
ezpz | Colorado
Lindsey Laurain, ezpz’s founder, has a huge heart
Flöz Design
Flöz Design | Germany
Oliver Wahl, Peter Golz and his design team of 10
Franck, Kaj
Franck, Kaj | Finland
Kaj Franck (1911-1989) was one of the leading figu
Fratelli Campagna Design
Fratelli Campagna Design | Brasil
Humberto Campana, lawyer and Fernando Campana, arc
Fred and Friends
Fred and Friends | Rhode Island
FRED is an industry leader in bringing you fun-yet
Fukasawa, Naoto
Fukasawa, Naoto | Japan
Naoto Fukasawa for Issey Miyake:

Born in Yamana
Fusionbrands | New York
Having discarded the blueprints of our predecessor
Garzon, Alex
Garzon, Alex | Pennsylvania
Alex Garzon is an Architect, designer and sculptor
Giacon, Massimo
Giacon, Massimo | Italy
Born in Padua, Italy, in 1961, comic-strip artist
Giovannoni, Stefano
Giovannoni, Stefano | Italy
Born in La Spezia in 1954, architect and designer.
GIR - Get It Right
GIR - Get It Right | New York City
We started GIR with a simple mission: to revolutio
Girard, Alexander
Girard, Alexander | New York
Alexander Girard (1907 - 1993) is one of the great
Govino | California
Necessity is indeed the mother of invention. Govin
Graves, Michael
Graves, Michael | New Jersey
b. July 9, 1934) is an American architect. Identif
Green Toys
Green Toys | California
We believe the world would be a much better place
Gundelach, Frederik
Gundelach, Frederik | Denmark
Frederik Gundelach was born in 1974, is a trained
Haapaniemi, Klaus
Haapaniemi, Klaus | Finland
Klaus Haapaniemi (b. 1970) has had plenty of cover
Haberli, Alfredo
Haberli, Alfredo | Argentina
Alfredo Häberli was born in Buenos Aires, Argentin
Hall, Ben
Hall, Ben | United Kingdom
Ben Hall was born in 1963 in Leicester, UK. He stu
Halskov & Dalsgaard
Halskov & Dalsgaard | Denmark
Hanne Dalsgaard (born 1960) and Christina Halskov
Hansen, Murken
Hansen, Murken | Germany
The Berlin-based designer team Murken Hansen acts
Hariri & Hariri
Hariri & Hariri | New York
Established in 1986 by Iranian-born Cornell-educat
HELLER | New York
Heller has created a simple paradigm: good
Holbaek, Henrik & Claus Jensen
Holbaek, Henrik & Claus Jensen | Denmark
Henrik Holbaek & Claus Jensen make up the design t
HolmbäckNordentoft | Denmark
Sebastian Holmbäck (born 1971) and Ulrik Nordentof
Holmblad, Peter
Holmblad, Peter | Denmark
Born 1934, he is managing director and owner of St
IDEA International
IDEA International | Japan
We are designing, developing and manufacturing hig
Jane Jenni
Jane Jenni | Wisconsin
Jane wears many personalities through out the day:
Joseph Joseph
Joseph Joseph | United Kingdom
Twin brothers Antony and Richard Joseph launched t
kid o
kid o | New York
Kid o, a design store for children, grew out of a
Kikkerland Design
Kikkerland Design | New York
Kikkerland Design Inc is where creativity runs ram
Kim, Mika HJ
Kim, Mika HJ | Korea
Born in Seoul, Korea, in 1972, he graduated with B
Kim, Young Se
Kim, Young Se | Korea
born in Seoul in 1950. He received a BFA in Indust
Kivijarvi, Maria
Kivijarvi, Maria | Finland
Maria Kivijärvi is a young Art & Design student fr
Kjeldsen, Niels
Kjeldsen, Niels | Denmark
After training first as a fitter and later graduat
Komin, Yamada
Komin, Yamada | Japanese
The Japanese Komin Yamada is the first foreign des
Kropp, Camilla
Kropp, Camilla | Germany
The designer Camilla Kropp was born in Finland in
Lamy | Germany
Lamy stands for quality, innovation and modern des
Le Jacquard Francais
Le Jacquard Francais | France
Installed in Gérardmer in the Vosges region of Fra
Lerner, Ran
Lerner, Ran | New York
Ran Lerner (b. 1969) is an accomplished industrial
Lewin, Gabrielle
Lewin, Gabrielle | New York
She is an Industrial Designer in New York City whe
Lichtenstien, Sybille
Lichtenstien, Sybille | New York
She received her graduate degree in visual communi
Light My Fire
Light My Fire | Sweden
Made in Sweden. Winters are long and summers are q
Lindfors, Stefan
Lindfors, Stefan | Finland
Born on Ahvenanmaa, Finland, in 1962. Today, Lindf
Lissoni, Piero
Lissoni, Piero | Milan
Born in Brianza in 1956, Piero Lissoni got his deg
Lucia | Canada
Where the past and the future meet in the present.
Luke's Toy Factory
Luke's Toy Factory | Danbury, Connecticut
We design toys with a simple, old school wooden st
Mackintosh, Rene
Mackintosh, Rene | Scottland
(măk´entŏsh'), 1868-1928, Scottish archi
Magnussen, Erik
Magnussen, Erik | Denmark
Erik Magnussen was born in 1940 in Copenhagen. Edu
Mary Lake-Thompson Ltd.
Mary Lake-Thompson Ltd. | California
Mary is the designer and vision behind all of the
Mattias, Jan
Mattias, Jan | Austria
Jan Matthias launched his career as chief designer
Mckenna, Mark
Mckenna, Mark | New York
The Designer Emulation Kits (DEK’s for short) are
Meier, Richard
Meier, Richard | New York
Richard Meier is an American born architecture gra
Mendini, Alessandro
Mendini, Alessandro | Italy
born 1931 in Milan) is an Italian designer and arc
Mendini, Alessandro
Mendini, Alessandro | Milan

ALESSANDRO MENDINI, architect, was born in Mi
Meyer, Gene
Meyer, Gene | New York
After graduating from Parson's School of Design,
Millergoodman | England
Hello. We are Zoe Miller and David Goodman, we are
Mimoco | Massachusetts
Since 2005, Boston-based design house Mimoco has f
Mint Inc.
Mint Inc. | New York
MINT Inc is a design collective founded by Alberto
Mirri, Miriam
Mirri, Miriam | Italy
She was born in Bologna in 1964, lives and works i
Miya Company
Miya Company | New Jersey
In 1947, Mr. Miya [pronounced MEE-ya] incorporated
Modern Twist
Modern Twist | San Francisco
Modern-twist is a result of founder Kat Nouri's on
MollaSpace | California
Generally, the word "design" (of a product) is oft
MoMA Store
MoMA Store | New York
New York's Museum of Modern Art is known for its e
Monkey Business
Monkey Business | Israel
Monkey Business has been adding the extra to the o
Morrison, Jasper
Morrison, Jasper | Berlin
Born in London in 1959, he studied design at Royal
Mr Jones Watches
Mr Jones Watches | London
Mr Jones Watches do more than just tell the time.
MyWalit | Italia
Mywalit was founded in Lucca, Italy in 2005, when
Nanda, Gauri
Nanda, Gauri | Michigan
Founder Gauri Nanda of Nanda Home Inc.

Gauri Na
Olabuenaga, Adrian
Olabuenaga, Adrian | Hawaii
Adrian Olabuenaga was born in 1955 in Buenos Aires
Olbrish | Germany
Olbrish since 1981 - Living and Working in Berlin
Orla Kiely | London
Orla Kiely is an Irish fashion designer based in L
Orvola, Heikki
Orvola, Heikki | Finland
Born in Helsinki, Finland, in 1943. Heikki Orvola
Otis, Jon
Otis, Jon | New York
He earned his Masters degree in interior design an
Palsby, Ole
Palsby, Ole | Denmark
With integrity, conscientious use of resources and
Panton, Verner
Panton, Verner | Copenhagen
"The main purpose of my work is to provoke people
Paolo Lomazzi &, Donato D'Urbino
Paolo Lomazzi &, Donato D'Urbino | Italy
Donato D’Urbino e Paolo Lomazzi work together sinc
Pelli, Cesar
Pelli, Cesar | Connecticut
Born in Tucumán, Argentina. In 1977 he became Dean
Pensi, Jorge
Pensi, Jorge | Argentina/Spain
Jorge Pensi studied architecture in Buenos Aires.
Piano, Renzo
Piano, Renzo | Italy
Born in Genoa, Italy, in 1937. After a number of l
Pierre Junod
Pierre Junod | Switzerland
We enjoy asking both young and established archite
Pirovani, Stefano
Pirovani, Stefano | Italy
Born in Milan in 1961, he is a designer, stage des
Plat du Jour
Plat du Jour | South Carolina
Fresh, modern and iconic designs for the table. Ou
Porsche Design
Porsche Design | Austria
Porsche Design / Design by F.A. Porsche:

Projects | Massachusetts
PROJECTS history:
WELCOME to PROJECTS, a divisio
Puj | Washington
Puj (Pronounced, “Pudge”) was founded by Ben and K
Putman, Andree
Putman, Andree | France
She has been the inspirational and creative force
Rashid, Karim
Rashid, Karim | New York
a leading figure in the fields of product, furnitu
Rockwell Group
Rockwell Group | New York
full service design firm of ninety staff members.
Rossi, Aldo
Rossi, Aldo | Italy
(May 3, 1931- September 4, 1997 Milan, Italy) was
Roth, Ed
Roth, Ed "Big Daddy" | California
(March 4, 1932 – April 4, 2001) was an artist and
Sansoni, Marta
Sansoni, Marta | Italy
Born in Florence in 1963, architect and designer.
Sapper, Richard
Sapper, Richard | Germany
Born in Munich in 1932, he studied philosophy, ana
Savor | New York
Like all parents, Karla and Jenny, the founders of
Shire, Peter
Shire, Peter | California
Born in Los Angeles , Ca. in 1947, gained his B.F.
Skip Hop
Skip Hop | New York
Skip Hop... Always a leap ahead
We love products
Sottsas, Ettore
Sottsas, Ettore | Austria
born in Innsbruck , Austria in 1917. He received a
Sowden, George
Sowden, George | Italy
born in Leeds , England in 1942. He received his e
Spear, Laurinda
Spear, Laurinda | Florida
graduated from Brown University in 1972, and recei
Stehouwer, Mandy
Stehouwer, Mandy | Michigan
Raised in Cadillac, Michigan, Mandy Stehouwer's cr
Stelton | Denmark
A Stelton state of mind is the aim for which the S
Stewart/Stand | Brooklyn
Stewart/Stand is a Brooklyn-based product design c
Still, Nanny
Still, Nanny | Finland
Born in Finland. Nanny Still is, with her wide ran
stotz-design | Germany
Stotz-design in germany has created a line of prod
String Theory
String Theory | Quebec

String Theory is a part
Suck UK
Suck UK | London
The greatest gifts on Earth.

To contin
TENZI | Connecticut
It's a fun, fast frenzy! Everyone gets ten dice. S
Teroforma | Connecticut
Anna & Andrew Hellman created Teroforma in 2006 si
Three by Three Seattle
Three by Three Seattle | Seattle, Washington
We create products with the understanding that des
Tintin | France
Interested in all that was happening at the time,
Tucker, Adam Reed
Tucker, Adam Reed | Chicago
100+ years of Architectural progress that occurred
Uchida, Shigeru
Uchida, Shigeru | Japan
born in Yokohama in 1943. Graduated from the Kuwas
Ulber, Fried
Ulber, Fried | Germany
Born in 1947. Fried Ulber was a prestudy mechanica
Umbra | New York
About Umbra

Umbra is the worldwide leader in ca
Uncle Goose
Uncle Goose | Michigan
Uncle Goose sometimes feels like that eccentric ye
Van Hamersveld, John
Van Hamersveld, John | California
Born in 1941 in Baltimore, was schooled from and t
Vilac | France
Vilac has been the maker of high quality, award wi
Visser, Arnout
Visser, Arnout | Switzerland
Born in 1962, studied at the Art School in Arnhem
Wee Gallery
Wee Gallery | Florida
Wee Gallery was conceived by my wife, Surya, a gra
Will-Harris, Daniel
Will-Harris, Daniel | California
MoMA called Will-Harris "a computer graphics pione
Wines, James
Wines, James | New York
is an American architect associated with environme
Wirkkala, Tapio
Wirkkala, Tapio | Finland
(1915-1985) Born in Hanko, Finland. Tapio Wirkkala
Wolff, Nancy
Wolff, Nancy | New York
Her signature designs and illustrations have been
Wolfum | California
Wolfum is a textile line of tabletop and home good
Wright, Frank Lloyd
Wright, Frank Lloyd | Wisconsin
(June 8, 1867 - April 9, 1959) was one of the most
Yamazaki | New York, New York
Acting on a sense of wonder
we are always welcome
Zeisel, Eva
Zeisel, Eva | New York
Born in Hungary November 13, 1906, she is an indus
Zoku | New Jersey
Zoku is dedicated to providing unique products for

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