Adler, Ted
Adler, Ted | Kansas
My work is an interrogation of the fundamental sen
AKAR | Iowa
Allen, Jennifer
Allen, Jennifer | West Virginia
My focus is to express sentiments of beauty and jo
Andersen, Stanley
Andersen, Stanley | North Carolina
I work with earthenware clay and am concerned prim
Anderson, Dan
Anderson, Dan | Illinois
My artwork, an amalgam of vessel and industrial ar
Aquillano, Nicole
Aquillano, Nicole | Massachusetts
Fascinated by the potential of place to define and
Arbuckle, Linda
Arbuckle, Linda | Florida
The functional vessel as an art object provides pe
Archambeau, Robert
Archambeau, Robert | Canada
"My goal would be to continue developing those asp
Assad, Christa
Assad, Christa | California
Making pots provides a few very important things f
Bacopoulos, Posey
Bacopoulos, Posey | New York
In my work, it is my intention to create pots that
Baker, William
Baker, William | North Carolina
From concept to design to final firing, my process
Balistreri, John
Balistreri, John | Ohio
The Pottery forms I have selected for this show ar

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