Cobb, Sunshine
Cobb, Sunshine | Montana
I want my work in clay to represent growth and acc
Cochenet, Greg
Cochenet, Greg | Connecticut
My work is a creative remnant, much like the agrar
Cochrane, Bruce
Cochrane, Bruce | Canada
After 25 years of working in clay, utility continu
Colby, Steven
Colby, Steven | Colorado
I make pots as a method of communication with and
Coleman, Elaine
Coleman, Elaine | Nevada
I have been incising porcelain for thirty years an
Coleman, Tom
Coleman, Tom | Nevada
I’ve been writing artist statements for many years
Connelly, Michael
Connelly, Michael | Pennsylvania
The physical rhythm of working gives life meaning.
Coombs, Andrew
Coombs, Andrew | Florida
I am a potter. I intend my work to be used. I stri
Corney, Michael
Corney, Michael | California
I make pottery as a result of a very severe case o
Crane, David
Crane, David | Virginia
The pottery that I make is guided by a curiosity a
Crosby, Julie
Crosby, Julie | New York
I want my pots to be a quiet record of this time a
Cuellar, Guillermo
Cuellar, Guillermo | Minnesota
I fell in love with the potter's wheel in college.

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