Dondero, Maria
Dondero, Maria | Georgia
I want my work to show a conscious process, an alt
Drijber, Katriona
Drijber, Katriona | Canada
Growing up in the Rocky Mountains, I have always f
Dufala, Chris
Dufala, Chris | Montana
I am inspired by illusion. It is the cornerstone o
Emami, Sanam
Emami, Sanam | Colorado
My pots and tiles are made with a specific intent
Epp, Carole
Epp, Carole | Canada
`Within the whirlwind of a busy life with two youn
Evans, Jana
Evans, Jana | Arizona
I investigate intimacy which is inherent in handma
Fielding, Marty
Fielding, Marty | Florida
The inherent usefulness of pottery has provided a
Finlayson, Maggie
Finlayson, Maggie | Montana
Maggie Finlayson grew up in Ontario, Canada, and c
Flanery, Donna
Flanery, Donna | Montana
My images emerge from the invented space I have pa
Fong, Jessica
Fong, Jessica | California
Inspired by ethnographic symbols regarding remembr
Franke, Jil
Franke, Jil | Minnesota
Using slabs of stoneware clay, I handbuild each pi
Fujii, Yoshi
Fujii, Yoshi | Maryland
Design and function of the work are influenced by

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