Duff, Judith
Duff, Judith | North Carolina
I will try to speak of the beauty of shapes… They
Eichelberger, David
Eichelberger, David | North Carolina
Functional qualities, visual rhythms, and exaggera
Evans, Jana
Evans, Jana | Arizona
I investigate intimacy which is inherent in handma
Field, Adam
Field, Adam | Montana
I am fascinated with antique artifacts, the way th
Fortuna, Delores
Fortuna, Delores | Illinois
Forming function, a dance, often a tug of war betw
Franke, Jil
Franke, Jil | Minnesota
Using slabs of stoneware clay, I handbuild each pi
Fujii, Yoshi
Fujii, Yoshi | Maryland
Design and function of the work are influenced by
Gallaspy, Lauren
Gallaspy, Lauren | Georgia
I want to make work in which conventional hierarch
Galloway, Julia
Galloway, Julia | Montana
Current Show: Still Life / Talking
In this exhibi
Gentry, Ernest
Gentry, Ernest | Utah
Formal synthesis
Incites visual cues to
Gesiakowski, Michael
Gesiakowski, Michael | Illinois
I am interested in investigating the degradation o
Gholson, Bruce
Gholson, Bruce | North Carolina
I am always amazed at how classically traditional

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