Mori, Masahiro
Mori, Masahiro | Japan
Masahiro Mori was born in 1927 In Saga prefecture,
Murphy, Dan
Murphy, Dan | Utah
My ceramic vessels are created swiftly and directl
Nafziger, Mark
Nafziger, Mark | Ohio
Comment on Yunomi Invitational – Akar Gallery
Naples, Lisa
Naples, Lisa | Pennsylvania
Spending one's life as a potter is not one of thos
Neal, Ted
Neal, Ted | Indiana
I enjoy a dichotomy of styles in my use of the cla
Noble, Brooke
Noble, Brooke | New York
I enjoy making objects that can rescue one from th
O'Connell, Sean
O'Connell, Sean | Illinois
I make tableware and other domestic objects. I app
Pearson, Anthony
Pearson, Anthony | Utah
2015 Bachelors of Fine Art, Southern Ut
Peltzman, Douglas
Peltzman, Douglas | New York
As a potter, I strive to craft a balance between d
Prinster, Carla
Prinster, Carla | Arizona
I’m an Iowa girl at heart who has always found bea
Purdy Rude, Aubrey
Purdy Rude, Aubrey | Washington
These barn cups are made of wheel thrown porcelain
Rahn, Fredi
Rahn, Fredi | British Columbia
Observing a shelf of cups is one of the great plea

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