Black, Douglas | Japan
For nearly 25 years I have lived in Japan exhibiti
Blum, Zygote | California
Much of my current body of ceramic work can been t
Bolton, David
Bolton, David | Illinois
I view my family as my first teachers with their s
Boone, Birdie
Boone, Birdie | New Mexico
My ceramic dishes are minimal objects; they are un
Borgeson, Karl
Borgeson, Karl | Wisconsin
My current work takes two overlapping directions.
Boswell, Catherine
Boswell, Catherine | Florida
I make pots in terracotta with a wheel, a rolling
Bouwkamp, Brooks
Bouwkamp, Brooks | Michigan
It is only natural that I work with crystalline gl
Bowers, Lynn Smiser
Bowers, Lynn Smiser | Texas
For thirty years, I have been a professional potte
Boyden, Frank
Boyden, Frank | Oregon
Yale Unive
Boyden/Coleman Collaboration
Boyden/Coleman Collaboration | USA
The Collaborative Ceramics of Frank Boyden and Tom
Brant, Jenni
Brant, Jenni | Nebraska
My understanding of beauty is rooted in my rural m
Branum, Wayne
Branum, Wayne | Wisconsin
If you happen to fall in love with pots and clay I

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