Christen, Victoria
Christen, Victoria | Oregon
A pot is like a hand shake from the maker to the u
Christianson, Linda
Christianson, Linda | Minnesota
My daily practice begins with the making of 4 teab
Chung, Sam
Chung, Sam | Arizona
A consistent point of departure for my work has be
Cirgin, Benjamin
Cirgin, Benjamin | Indiana
It is raining outside.
I can hear the flooding d
Clarke, Bede
Clarke, Bede | Missouri
My goal in making this work has been to create qui
Cleary, Naomi
Cleary, Naomi | Pennsylvania
Dishes hold potential for human connection through
Clemo, A. Blair
Clemo, A. Blair | Michigan
My current work is primarily made from both wheel-
Clennell, Sheila
Clennell, Sheila | Ontario
I am drawn to form before surface. The forms are t
Clennell, Tony
Clennell, Tony | Ontario
My work at it's best is strong, casual, confident
Cobb, Sunshine
Cobb, Sunshine | Montana
I want my work in clay to represent growth and acc
Cochrane, Bruce
Cochrane, Bruce | Canada
After 25 years of working in clay, utility continu
Coffin, Nan
Coffin, Nan | California
As a self-employed potter who works alone, yet enj

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