Mirri, Miriam
Mirri, Miriam | Italy
She was born in Bologna in 1964, lives and works i
Morrison, Jasper
Morrison, Jasper | Berlin
Born in London in 1959, he studied design at Royal
Orvola, Heikki
Orvola, Heikki | Finland
Born in Helsinki, Finland, in 1943. Heikki Orvola
Palsby, Ole
Palsby, Ole | Denmark
With integrity, conscientious use of resources and
Paolo Lomazzi &, Donato D'Urbino
Paolo Lomazzi &, Donato D'Urbino | Italy
Donato D’Urbino e Paolo Lomazzi work together sinc
Piano, Renzo
Piano, Renzo | Italy
Born in Genoa, Italy, in 1937. After a number of l
Pirovani, Stefano
Pirovani, Stefano | Italy
Born in Milan in 1961, he is a designer, stage des
Rossi, Aldo
Rossi, Aldo | Italy
(May 3, 1931- September 4, 1997 Milan, Italy) was
Sansoni, Marta
Sansoni, Marta | Italy
Born in Florence in 1963, architect and designer.
Sapper, Richard
Sapper, Richard | Germany
Born in Munich in 1932, he studied philosophy, ana

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