Davis, Israel
Davis, Israel | Michigan
The objects that I make are based upon a series of
DeVries, Nick
DeVries, Nick | Minnesota
Most of my work originates on the potters wheel, m
DeWeese, Josh
DeWeese, Josh | Montana
I am inspired and challenged by the art of pottery
Dewsnap, Susan
Dewsnap, Susan | Maine
My recent work has been an investigation into the
Digeros, Marc | California
Geometry has always been a starting point for my w
Dishaw, Dawn
Dishaw, Dawn | Massachusetts
My work is about function and pattern. It is impor
Dondero, Maria
Dondero, Maria | Georgia
I want my work to show a conscious process, an alt
Duff, Judith
Duff, Judith | North Carolina
I will try to speak of the beauty of shapes… They
DuPont, Robin | Canada
My work is an inquiry into the ceramic process and

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