Schwartzkopf, Deborah
Schwartzkopf, Deborah | Washington
I find it rewarding and challenging to make pots p
Schwieger, Brad
Schwieger, Brad | Ohio
Brad Schwieger has been teaching at Ohio Universit
Sekino-Bove, Yoko
Sekino-Bove, Yoko | Pennsylvania
There is a reward to creating functional pottery.
Severson, Jo
Severson, Jo | Minnesota
I love to make pots. I find inspiration in the fac
Shapiro, Mark
Shapiro, Mark | Massachusetts
The town is sacked. Silver and gold, even bronze,
Shaw, Andy
Shaw, Andy | Louisiana
“Your relationship to objects is selective, person
Sheehan, Joey
Sheehan, Joey | North Carolina
I throw pots amongst a growing community of artist
Sheese, Grace
Sheese, Grace | Illinois
Life is both large and small moments. The large mo
Shellenbarger, Jane
Shellenbarger, Jane | New York
My work focuses on a pottery idiom, often incorpor
Sikora, Linda
Sikora, Linda | New York
Jars and teapots have been central to my practice
Singewald, Joe
Singewald, Joe | Wisconsin
I am a potter because I love making pots. The pots
Smith, Amy
Smith, Amy | Nebraska
Working in clay allows me to converse within a sen

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