Callas, Peter
Callas, Peter | New Jersey
My life, together with my art has been a work in p
Carpenter, Kyle
Carpenter, Kyle | North Carolina
As a studio potter, I work diligently to make well
Carter, Ben
Carter, Ben | Virginia
After extensive travel in Asia and Europe my resea
Ceramic Books
Ceramic Books | AKAR
Chalmers, Pattie | Illinois
This is a memory of a place, an event, a person, a
Chappell, Michael | Florida
I have been making pots for ten years. I work ful
Cho, Billy
Cho, Billy | Iowa
My works are inspired by many disparate things tha
Christianson, Linda
Christianson, Linda | Minnesota
My daily practice begins with the making of 4 teab
Chuck, Mark | Pennsylvania
My great passions in nature are water, color, fire
Chung, Sam
Chung, Sam | Arizona
A consistent point of departure for my work has be
Cimatti, Antonella | Italy
I believe that the greatest undertaking of the art
Clarke, Bede
Clarke, Bede | Missouri
My goal in making this work has been to create qui

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