Gastello, Shiloh
Gastello, Shiloh | Oregon
My current work is inspired by the fragile and eph
Gesiakowski, Michael
Gesiakowski, Michael | Illinois
I am interested in investigating the degradation o
Gholson, Bruce
Gholson, Bruce | North Carolina
I am always amazed at how classically traditional
Gierke, Sally
Gierke, Sally | Iowa
The landscape in Iowa stays not the same for long,
Giovannini, Rolando
Giovannini, Rolando | Italy
The yunomi, the cup, the container, the bowl, thes
Glick, John
Glick, John | Michigan
I work extensively with the potter's wheel, where
Goldberg, Scott
Goldberg, Scott | Maine
I see myself as a “classical” potter in the sense
Gottuso, Jim
Gottuso, Jim | Kentucky
I am very interested in the complete cycle of crea
Gould, Gabrielle
Gould, Gabrielle | Florida
The subjects that I use in my jewelry - various an
Grimmer, Stephen
Grimmer, Stephen | Canada
My studio practice and research is rooted in my st
Guncheon, Jeanine
Guncheon, Jeanine | Illinois
I have always been acutely interested in aesthetic
Gustin, Christopher
Gustin, Christopher | Massachusetts
I am interested in pottery that make connections t

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