Haas, Perry
Haas, Perry | Montana
I have developed my forms by the influence of huma
Halvorsen, Arthur
Halvorsen, Arthur | Massachusetts
I make functional pottery for daily use in the hom
Hansen, Kenyon
Hansen, Kenyon | Montana
I believe that finely crafted, thoughtfully made p
Hansen, Steve
Hansen, Steve | Michigan
I grew up in the rural Midwest among decaying cars
Hanson, Doug
Hanson, Doug | Iowa
I believe that most of the elements in an artist’s
Harbers, Julie | Florida
I create pots that express a narrative of energy a
Hartwig, Chad
Hartwig, Chad | Indiana
My work aims to celebrate the materiality of clay
Helke, Mike
Helke, Mike | Wisconsin
Any source or experience could be the precursor to
Henneke, Samantha
Henneke, Samantha | North Carolina
Making pottery in the studio is an orchestration o
Hensley, Richard
Hensley, Richard | Virginia
Having been a potter now for my entire adult life
Herbst, Fred
Herbst, Fred | New York
My current functional work references organic shap
Hess, Jason
Hess, Jason | Arizona
A desire to have objects that fulfill specific pur

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