Lambert, Justin
Lambert, Justin | Florida
An interest in objects that serve a specific purpo
Lantin, Martina
Lantin, Martina | Vermont
I find earthenware the most seductive clay body. 
Lehman, Dick
Lehman, Dick | Indiana
To choose pottery is to make so many other choices
Leonard, Clay
Leonard, Clay | Ohio
We live in an era where indirect forms of communic
Lesch-Middelton, Forrest
Lesch-Middelton, Forrest | Utah
Even the subtlest influences from outside any give
Levin, Simon
Levin, Simon | Wisconsin
Connection to our world and people around us is th
Levin, Simon/Smith, Amy
Levin, Simon/Smith, Amy | Wisconsin/Nebraska
Collaborations in the art world are not uncommon,
Lichman, Brenda
Lichman, Brenda | Kansas
Making things is important to me. It is the way th
Lindsay, Suze
Lindsay, Suze | North Carolina
Pots are like people. Their form is described by s
Lurie, Elizabeth
Lurie, Elizabeth | Michigan
Form and line are what I notice first about almost

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