Pardue, Eric
Pardue, Eric | West Virginia
In my current ceramic work, I am combining layers
Park, Kyungmin | Montana
2012 Lamar Dodd School of Art at The Un
Parker, Bonilyn | Montana
In an increasingly industrialized world, I believe
Pearson, Anthony | unknown
Pedolsky, Lisa
Pedolsky, Lisa | Colorado
The slab constructed ceramics I create are a refle
Peltzman, Douglas
Peltzman, Douglas | New York
As a potter, I strive to craft a balance between d
Pemberton, Ian
Pemberton, Ian | Kentucky
I am making functional pottery to be used in every
Peters, David
Peters, David | Montana
I make my work from the local clays, rocks, and pl
Philbeck, Ron
Philbeck, Ron | North Carolina
I make pottery from red earthenware clay that is t
Phillips, Brandon
Phillips, Brandon | Texas
I make pots for everyday use, objects of beauty th
Pickett, Chris
Pickett, Chris | Tennessee
The human desire for comfort is universal. In mome
Pike, Sarah
Pike, Sarah | British Columbia
Sarah Pike is a full-time ceramic artist living an

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