Rahn, Fredi
Rahn, Fredi | British Columbia
Observing a shelf of cups is one of the great plea
Rainville, Seth
Rainville, Seth | Massachusetts
I make pots. I make sculpture. I’m a mark maker, a
Rector, George
Rector, George | North Carolina
The pots that I make are influenced by the medieva
Repsher, Matthew
Repsher, Matthew | Indiana
My interest is in using structure and repetition t
Roberts, Steven
Roberts, Steven | Montana
I choose to create functional pottery because I am
Robinson, Elizabeth
Robinson, Elizabeth | Colorado
The pots I craft represent my place in the world,
Rogers, Lindsay
Rogers, Lindsay | North Carolina
The food we eat is one of the most intimate choice
Rolf, S.C.
Rolf, S.C. | Wisconsin
As a potter, I make one of a kind functional objec
Rosendahl | Copenhagen
The Danish design adventure began with a winestopp
Rosini, Stephen
Rosini, Stephen | Pennsylvania
As a potter I am primarily interested in function.
Rothshank, Justin
Rothshank, Justin | Indiana
We believe that artwork and creativity are a catal
Rowan, Tim
Rowan, Tim | New York
My art work flows from a basic desire to find and

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