Sikora, Linda
Sikora, Linda | New York
Jars and teapots have been central to my practice
Singewald, Joe
Singewald, Joe | Wisconsin
I am a potter because I love making pots. The pots
Smith, Amy
Smith, Amy | Nebraska
Working in clay allows me to converse within a sen
Snyder, Stacy
Snyder, Stacy | Virginia
Each pot seeks its own place. The place found wher
Soleri, Paolo
Soleri, Paolo | Italy
(Born in Turin, Italy on June 21, 1919) was awarde
Spain, Mitchell
Spain, Mitchell | Kansas
My upbringing in rural Iowa plays a significant ro
Spangler, Shawn
Spangler, Shawn | Illinois
I view my time making as a private act. Yet those
Stamps, Amelia
Stamps, Amelia | Kentucky
Growing up in a family of artists taught me to app
Summerfield, Liz Zlot
Summerfield, Liz Zlot | North Carolina
I find function a vehicle for expression while als
Swyler, Karen
Swyler, Karen | Vermont
Personal relationships are integral to our surviva

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