Sansoni, Marta
Sansoni, Marta | Italy
Born in Florence in 1963, architect and designer.
Sapper, Richard
Sapper, Richard | Germany
Born in Munich in 1932, he studied philosophy, ana
Shire, Peter
Shire, Peter | California
Born in Los Angeles , Ca. in 1947, gained his B.F.
Sottsas, Ettore
Sottsas, Ettore | Austria
born in Innsbruck , Austria in 1917. He received a
Sowden, George
Sowden, George | Italy
born in Leeds , England in 1942. He received his e
Spear, Laurinda
Spear, Laurinda | Florida
graduated from Brown University in 1972, and recei
Stehouwer, Mandy
Stehouwer, Mandy | Michigan
Raised in Cadillac, Michigan, Mandy Stehouwer's cr
Still, Nanny
Still, Nanny | Finland
Born in Finland. Nanny Still is, with her wide ran
stotz-design | Germany
Stotz-design in germany has created a line of prod

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