When I work I think a lot. Mostly it’s not about that which is in front of me. That action is generally a spontaneous response. I think about who is forming whom at this moment. Lately, due in part to the passing of my dear friends and heroes, I have been thinking about time. It is the greatest gift of all, yet we take it for granted. This gift of time, what shall I do with it? How much time is there? Will I waste it by worrying about the RULES, yesterday’s idea, or about laborious, extraneous techniques before I need them? I choose not to.

Over the years, time has allowed me to manipulate my forms and surfaces with some degree of innate intelligence and personal satisfaction. Time, an essential ingredient in firing, hardens and colors the clay, but also gives me time to think and look inward.

Time has enabled me to bring to my work a personal uniqueness, a clarification of purpose. These works serve as a bridge which allows me to move freely from one reality to another. In the interface I am free of convention, opinion, and burdensome history. My work becomes a personal iconography enabling me to visualize and organize my information. My marks are there in the clay. My signature.

The name Don Reitz is synonymous with change and constant growth. He has dedicated fifty of his eighty years to ceramic arts. Well known for his unique teaching style and dynamic workshops, Reitz is sought after worldwide. Affectionately referred to as “Mr. Salt”, Reitz is credited with the renaissance of salt glazing. His unique approach of introducing bright colors fueled this movement.

Always being content to be discontent (the only constant he has is change); Reitz has moved to larger sculptural forms and the wood firing process. He is now bringing a bright color palate to wood firing.

Reitz has presented lectures and workshops in all fifty states, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, France, England, Denmark, Norway, etc. Reitz, after teaching for twenty-six years at the University of Wisconsin, has moved his studio to Clarkdale, Arizona.


1929 Sunbury, Pennsylvania

1962 MFA, New York State School of Ceramics, Alfred University , Alfred, New York
1957 BS, Art Education, Kutztown State College, Kutztown, Pennsylvania

1962-88 University of Wisconsin, Madison Wisconsin
1962-62 Alfred University, Alfred, New York
1957-60 Dover Public Schools, Dover New Jersey

Named Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Named Fellow, Wisconsin Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters
Honored in Ceramic Monthly Reader’s Roll as “One of twelve greatest living ceramic artists worldwide” 1988 and 2001
Cited by the Maori people of New Zealand and carved on their totem pole for “Distinguished leadership in the dispensing of knowledge to peoples”
Honored as Trustee Emeritus of the American Craft Council
Named Fellow of the World Craft Council
Past President and named Fellow of the National Council on The Education of Ceramic Arts
Recipient of the National Endowment of the Arts Grant
Honorary Resident and given the key to the City of Henderson, Kentucky
Recipient of the Governor’s Award in the Arts, State of Wisconsin and State of Pennsylvania
Recipient of the Governor’s Award , Himeji City, Japan
Recipient of the first Ceramic Art Award by The American Ceramic Society
Honored Guest of the Vice President of The United States in Washington, D.C.
Recipient of the Aileen Osborn Webb Gold Medal, American Crafts Council’s Highest Award
Recipient of the James Renwick Alliance Distinguished Educator Award
Recipient of the Peter Voulkos Visiting Artist Fellowship
Recipient of the LEGENDS Award by Watershed
Lifetime Achievement Award, Aberystwyth, Wales Award

Artist-Himeji City, Japan
Palmerston University, Palmerston North New Zealand
Clay As Art, Rotoruro, New Zealand
Tommerup Brickworks, Odense, Denmark
Banff Center For The Arts, Banff, Alberta, Canada
Auckland Potters Guild, Auckland, New Zealand
Artist League, Perth, Australia
Canadian Arts Council, Calgary, Canada
Sydney College, Sydney, Aurstralia
Yeoju, Korea
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada
Canadian Potters Guild, Toronto, Canada
Sheridan School of Design, Port Credit, Ontario Canada
Anderson Ranch Art Center, Aspen, Colorado
Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania
University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa
Greenwich House, New York, New York
University of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff, Arizona
University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon
Notre Dame University, Notre Dame, Indiana
University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii
Mills College, Oakland, California
University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska
Penland School of Arts and Crafts, Penland, North Carolina
Peters Valley Craft School, Layton, New Jersey
Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
92nd Street Y.M.C.A., New York, New York
Parsons School of Design, Lake Placid, New York

Antonio Prieto Memorial Collection, California
Leatrus and Mel Eagle, Potomac, Maryland
Stephane Janssen, Scottsdale, Arizona
Dudley Anderson, North Carolina
Sara and David Lieberman, Arizona
Margaret H. Harlow
Sam Takeuchi, New York, New York
Sid and Elaine Cohen, Scottsdale, Arizona
Sandy Besser, Santa Fe, New Mexico
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Joan Lincoln
Ron and Anita Wornick
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Mudgee Art Museum, Mudgee, Australia
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Nippon Castle Research Center, Himeji, Japan
Palmerston University, Palmerston North New Zealand
Renwick Gallery, Museum of American Art, Washington, D.C.
Smithsonian Institution, Building of Science and Industry, Washington, D.C.
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Exhibition, Culturele Raad Gemeentehuis, Roden, Holland
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Clay as Art, International Exhibition, Auchland, New Zealand
International Exhibition of Ceramics, Hovikodden Art Center, Oslo, Norway
International Exhibition, Brandt’s Kloedefabrik, Odense, Denmark
Oslo International Ceramics Symposium, Oslo, Norway
International Ceramic Exhibition, Yeoju, Korea
“30 Year of Reitz Clay”, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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Maurine Littleton Gallery, Washington, D.C.
“American Woodfire”, Traveling Exhibition, National Invitational Cheney Cowles Museum, Spokane, Washington
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Ceramic Mural, 10’ x 15’, Performing Arts Center, Chandler, Arizona
Ceramic Wall, 10’ x 40’, Nippon Castle Research Center, Hemji City, Japan
Two Wall Sculptures, 10’x36’, Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Wall Scuplture, 14’x20’, Waunakee Elementary School, Waunakee, Wisconsin