The Danish design adventure began with a winestopper! So says Erik Rosendahl, founder of Rosendahl A/S.

Rosendahl launched its first designer product, the winestopper, in 1993. Erik Rosendahl’s philosophy is to create collections and not products, so the family soon grew. Today, the Rosendahl collection ranges from wine accessories to watches, glasses and porcelain. Rosendahl has become a large family.

Thus, Rosendahl has been the primary driving force in the construction of a brand-new market in the gift sector. Today, the products are trend-setters, designed using glass, stainless steel and plastic. Their quality and practical functions have made them popular household items.

Rosendahl wishes to preserve its emphasis on Danish design tradition. Accordingly, we mainly use Danish designers. This is to ensure the quality of the products and design integrity.

In response to growing interest from European and overseas markets, Rosendahl A/S has begun to focus on the export market, a task that the subsidiary Rosendahl International A/S now takes care of, with Henrik Rosendahl at the helm.

Rosendahl’s products are sold in department stores, hardware stores, jewellers, museum shops and shops specialising in crafts and design articles.