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Carola Hiersemann has been the soul of Rosselini for the past nine years. A disciplined artist, Carola has refined her natural gift for mixing textures, shapes, and a wide-ranging color palette into a celebrated collection of jewelry. Native to Germany, Carola draws inspiration both from the pleasures of daily life as well as her experiences traveling the globe. To ensure the smooth integration of her work with European couture, Carola works closely with the fashion institutes of Berlin, Milan and Paris each season.
With more than 300 current styles hand-made in their Stuttgart, Germany workshop, Rosselini is a contemporary collection of utmost femininity, combining a burst of colors with a classic European look. Each season, more than 80 new styles are created to reflect the trend of the European fashion industry.
Carola and business partner Nils Eckrodt personally select all the materials involved in her collections: hand-winded glass, shell, alabaster-glass pearls, eloxated aluminum, precious wood, coral, gold, silver…and unique acrylic "paillettes" with mirrored surfaces, all of them custom-designed and selected for their unsurpassed quality from 17 countries throughout the world.
As Carola's reputation has grown she has become one of the few designers authorized by Swarovski® to use their trademark tag on her products. Many of the other beads used in the collection have been designed by Carola and are exclusive to the Rosselini collection.