The joy of creating ....

”Designing is communicating – and a successful design is always easy to understand”. “Designing a quality product is optimizing its form and function through the detail”.

”We are always aware of quality, and I use this intuitive sense when creating new designs”.

Maria Berntsen is one of Rosendahl’s new designers. She is very broadly educated; a Bachelor in economics, the School of Architecture of the Danish Art Academy, and a study trip to a school of architecture in Bordeaux.

Maria Berntsen finds the three-dimensional element very important, which you can tell from her designs that are often created by making models.

Since 1992, Maria Berntsen has had her own design office and has designed furniture, lamps, applied art products, jewelries and kitchen utensils for Danish as well as foreign companies. Apart from this, Maria Berntsen has been teaching at the Danish School of Designs.