Every day I work at the wheel. Over and over again I focus my attention on the unruly clay and bring my mind and body together in an intention to center it and create forms filled with breath and energy. For more than 40 years I have found myself drawn to this effort, trying to make pots that possess strength and clarity. Throughout that time I have been able to wander along a path that regularly courses between inspiration and familiarity, passion and comfort.

Day in and day out, I make forms that please me, that honor the obsessions that have always driven my inquiries:

Line: how it moves around a piece, out of the rim and back into the body.

Balance: how pots feel in the hand when lifted or poured.

Tension: how clay moves in ways that speak of a vitality pushing at the seams.

Architecture, the organic structure of nature around me, particular feelings about color and light, and my sense of the relationship between form and use, play heavily in the instincts and decisions that go into making these pieces.

I am keenly aware that along with these pots I am creating the quality of my time. I am crafting a daily existence filled with meaning and reward. Along with pitchers and covered jars, I am constructing the very manner in which time passes. This allows me to follow threads of interest, to play, to spend time with color, texture, volume and scale and to watch those elements unfold over and over again in an evolution of my work.

These feelings, which underpin my studio life, value the journey as well as the destination. This seems to be almost an anachronism today. But there it is. A truth I have lived and loved.

Ellen Shankin
August 22, 1952
N.Y.C., New York
1975-1977: New York State School of Ceramics at Alfred : Alfred, New York
B.F.A. with Honors
1974: Rhode Island School of Design : Providence, Rhode Island
1970-1972: Goddard College : Plainfield, Vermont

2014: “Collective Energy” Lone Star College NCECA Exhibit North Harris, Texas March
2014: “Pots that Pour” Asheville Arts Council: Asheville, NC August
2014: “National Teapot Invitational” Cedar Creek Gallery, Creedmoor, NC Summer
2013: “Recent Works 16 hands” Cedar Creek Gallery, Creedmore, NC October
2013: “Collective Energy” NCECA March 20-27
2013: “Yunomi” Akar Gallery, Iowa City Iowa March-April
2012: Traveling Show “Functional Ceramic” Wayne Art Center, Worster Ohio March-April
“Functional Ceramic” Michener Gallery, Kent Staste University, May-June
“Pots with Purpose” Ohio Craft Museum, Columbus, Ohio July-August
2012: “20 Years Strong: 20 Women Working in Clay” Women Made Gallery, Chicago, Il.
2012: “PSA National Ceramics Invitational” Padukah, Kentucky January 19-February 12
2011: “State of the arts n Virginia” Senator Warner’s office. Washington DC March – August
2011: “ National Teapot Show VIII” Cedar Creek Gallery, Creedmoor, NC May 21 – August 21
2011: “35th Anniversary Exhibition” Lill Street Gallery, Chicago, Illinois April 8 – May 1
2011: “New Work: 16Hands” Akar Design, Iowa City, Iowa April 15 - 29
2011: “La Mesa” NCECA Florida March 29- April 1
2011: “Yunomi” Akar Design: Iowa City, Iowa March 25 – April 4
2011: “Priority” Teapot Exhibition: Donkey Mill Art Center, Hawaii February
2011: “ Surface and Form” Potter’s Council Show: Cincinatti, Ohio January –February
2011: “The Contemporary Teapot- China to Now: Pewabic Pottery, Detroit, Mi. Jan 14-March 6
2010: “American Pottery Festival” Northern Clay Center: Minneapolis, MN Sept. 9 - 12
2010: “Solo Exhibition” Cedar Creek Gallery: Creedmore, NC August
2010: “16Hands Exhibition” Birke Gallery Marshall University: Huntington,WV. Aug 23-Sept.9
2010: “Out of Round” Perspectives: Oconee Arts Foundation: Watkinsville,Ga. Aug.27-Sept. 15
2010: “Yunomi Show” Akar Gallery: Iowa City, Iowa March
2010: “1895 Years of Pottery” B Square Gallery: Piladelphia, Pa. NCECA March 30- April 3
2010: “Strictly Functional-Then and Now” Marriott Hotel : Phila. Pa. NCECA March 31- April 3
2009: “Art of the Cup” :Ogden Museum of Southern Art: New Orleans, La. Nov. 12 – Dec. 13
2009: “Intimate Cups” Clay Mix: Fresno, California November 5- December 19
2009: SimplyFormal” Arizona State University Tempe, Az. NCECA April3-May31
2009: Yunomi Show” Akar Gallery: Iowa City, Iowa March
2009: “20*Below-32*Above”: Minnesota State University Dept. of Art and Design Jan 26-Feb 11
2008: “Cedar Creek national Teapot Show”: Cedar Creek Gallery: June6 Sept.7 Creedmoor ,N.C.
2008: “Contemporary Clay 2008 Biemmial”: The Art Center of Wesrtern Colorado:May2 June28
2008: “16 Hands”: Red Clay Lodge, Red Lodge, Montana. March/April
2008: ”Table of Elemens”: NCECA: Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild: Pittsburg, Pa. March
2008: “La Mesa”: NCECA: Santa Fe Clay: Pitsburg, Pa. March
2008: “Pots that Pour”: The Clay Art Center, Portchester, NY February 2-25
2007: “ New works:EllenShankin & Jeff Shapiro”: Akar Gallery: Iowa City, Iowa August 10-29
2007: “New Works” The Signature Shop Atlanta, Georgia October 5-27 Solo Exhibition
2007: “ Table Tops”: Long Beach Island Foundation: Loveladies, NJ: June2-July9
2007: “Minnesota Pottery Tour” St. Croix River Valley: Harris, Mn. Will Swanson’s May 12-13
2007: “16 Hands Studio Tour” Thanksgiving Weekend & 1st. weekend in May yearly: Floyd,Va.
2007: “Salt & Pepper”: Santa Fe Clay: Santa Fe,New Mexico April 27-May 26
2007: “Southern Appalachian Tradition: The New Wave” NCECA Clifton Gallery:Louisville,Ky.
2007: “La Mesa”: NCECA Exhibition: Louisville, Kentucky: March 14-17
2007: “Cups Coming Together”: Clay Art Center: Portchester, NY February 3-24
2007: “TEA” Santa Fe Clay: Santa Fe, New Mexico: January 5- February 3
2006: ”Of Earth and Mind”: William King Regional Art Center: Abingdon,Va. Nov.17 - April 8
2006: ”Solo Exhibition” Eureka Crafts. Syracuse, NY June 10-30
2006: “Group Exhibition”: Washington Street Gallery: Lewisburg, W.V. June 2-29
2006: “Potters of the St. Croix River Valley Tour” Harris, Mn. May 13-14
2006: “An Extravagence of Salt and Pepper”: Baltimore Clayworks:Baltimore, Md. May 6-June 4 2006: “La Mesa”: NCECA Exhibition: Santa Fe Clay: Portland, Oregon March 8-11
2006: “30 / 30”: Lill Street Art Center: Chicago, Illinois: February 4 - march 12
2005: “30 X 5”: Akar Gallery: Iowa City, Iowa: November 18-December 31
2005: “The Simple Cup”: KOBO Gallery: Seattle, Washington
2005: “Making the Ordinary Extraordinary” Terra Incognito: September17-October26 Chicago,Ill
2005: “Potters of the Southern Mountains” Red Star Studios Kansas City, Mo. June2-July2
2005: “Differences within Functionality” Andrews University:Berrien Springs, Mi. April 5-30 2005: “la Mesa” Santa Fe Clay NCECA show Baltimore, Maryland February
2005: “Potters of the Mid-Atlantic” Whitte Hall Gallery NCECA Annapolis, Md February
2005: “A touch of Elegance” McBride Gallery NCECA shoe Annapolis, Maryland February
2005: “Bottled Spirits” Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft Louisville, Ky. May 5-June 18
2005: “National Teapot Show Vl: Cedar Creek Gallery, Creedmoor, N.C. June 11 - September 4
2005: “2nd Annual Invitational Pottery Show” Worcester Center for Crafts, Worcester, Ma. April
2004:”The Potters of 16 Hands” Santa Fe Clay: Santa Fe ,NM. September 24 - October 23
2004: 16Hands: Gallery 108: Roanoke Virginia August 3- 31
2004: “This Splendid Table: Fantastic Dishes for food”:Kentucky Museumof Arts and Design
2004: “Duets”: Kentucky Museum of Arts and Design: Louisville, Ky. July2-September 18
2004: “16 Hands”: Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History, Danville, Va,March28-May9
2003: 2 man show: Akar Gallery: Iowa City, Iowa Ellen Shankin and David Crane
2003: 2 man Show: Cedar Creek Gallery: Silvie Granatelli and Ellen Shankin Creedmoor, NC
2003: “Dinner is Served”Worcester Center for Crafts: Worcester, Massachusettes
2003: “Women in Clay” Odyssey: Asheville, NC
2003: “Hundreds of Cups” Santa Fe Clay: Santa Fe, New Mexico
2003: “Tea for 2” Clay Studio, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2003: “Winterfest 2003” Baltimore Clayworks: Baltimore, Maryland
2002: Solo Exhibition: College of William and Mary. Williamsburg,Virginia
2002: “National Ceramics Invitational” Bruce Gallery of Edinboro University. Edinboro, Pa.
2002: “Stoneware for Daily Rituals” Red Star Studio: NCECA Conference. Kansas City, Mo.
2002: “For the Table” Santa Fe Clay. Santa Fe, New Mexico
2001: “Historical Influences on Contemporary Ceramics” Guilford College. Greensboro, N. C.
2001: “Wayne Higby: Reunion” Helen Drutt Gallery. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2001: “25 Select 25” Lill Street Gallery. Chicago. Illinois
2001: “Solo Exhibition” Red Star Studios. Kansas Cilty, Missouri
2001 “American Pottery Festival 2001” Northern Clay Center. Minneapolis, Minnesota 2001: “Teapots” The Clay Connection. Charlotte, North Carolina
2001: “Honor the Mug” Cedar Creek Gallery. Creedmoor, North Carolina
2001: “Earth and Abstracts” Greensboro Cultural Center. Greensboro, North Carolina
2001: “16 Hands: Group Exhibition” Lill Street Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
2001: “Drinking Vessels” Elipse Art Center, Arlington, Virginia
2001: “Ceramics Invitational” Sul Ross University. Alpine, Texas
2001: “Studio Days” Chester Springs Studio. Chester Springs, Pennsylvania
2001: “Le Grand Buffet” The Clay Studio. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2001: “From Shoulder to Foot” Quinlan Visual Arts Center. Gainesville, Georgia
2001: “Teapots Transformed” Ferrin Gallery. Northampton. Massachusettes
2000: “Ceramics USA 2000” Juror University of North Texas. Denton ,Texas
2000: “American Pottery Festival 2000” Northern Clay Center. Minneapolis, Minnesota 2000: “Community in Clay” The William King Art Center. Abingdon, Virginia
2000: “Cup 2000” Fifth Element. Portland, Oregon
2000: “Earthworks 2000” Juror: Kingston, Rhode Island
2000: “Focus on Function” University of Minneapolis. Minneapolis, Minnesota
1999: “Community in Clay “ Art Museum of Western Virginia. Roanoke, Virginia
1999: “Pots for Daily Living” Show of Hands. Denver, Colorado NCECA
1999: “Solo Exhibition” Lill Street Gallery. Chicago, Illinois
1999: “Ritual of the Table” Odyssey Gallery. Asheville, North Carolina
1999: “Select 12” Ohio University Art Gallery . Athens , Ohio
1999: “Ceramics Invitational” Astra Design. Richmond, Virginia
1999: “Person to Person: Interpretations of Function” Brockport, New York
1998: “Ceramics U.S.A.” Denton, Texas
1998: “Strictly Functional” Ephrata, Pennsylvania
1998: “West Virginia Ceramics Invitational” Morgantown, West Virginia
1998: “Vessels that Pour” Lill Street Gallery. Chicago, Illinois

1997: “An Accessible Art” NY State School of Ceramics. Alfred, New York
Co-curator with Val Cushing
1996: “Functional Clay’96” Shoestring Gallery. Rochester, New York
1995: “3rd Annual Teapot Exhibition” Craft Alliance. St. Louis, Missouri
1994: “In-Form-al Function” Baltimore Clayworks. Baltimore, Maryland
1993: “Soup Tureen ‘93” Helen Drutt Gallery. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
1992: “7th Annual San Angelo National Ceramic Competition” San Angelo, Texas
1992: “Women’s Visions: Mid Atlantic Invitational” Montgomery College. Rockville, Md 1991: “A Tea Party” Chicago New Art Forms. Chicago, Illinois 1991: “N.E.A. Fellowship Winners” The Farrell Collection. Washington, D.C.
1990: “Tureen Show” Detroit Gallery of Contemporary Crafts. Detroit, Michigan 1989: “Form in Function” Central Park Gallery Kansas City, Missouri
1988: “Pewabic Invitational” Pewabic Pottery. Detroit, Michigan
1987: “Potter’s Potters” NCECA Syracuse, New York
1985: “Teapot Invitational” Art Forms Gallery. Louisville, Kentucky
1984: “Clay U.S.A”. Radford University. Radford, Virginia Honorable mention
1983: “Crafts U.S.A.” Reykjavik, Iceland
1983: “Function in Clay: New Works” NCECA. Atlanta, Georgia
1982: “Green Meadow Invitational” Spring Valley, New York
1981: “Fourteen Southeast Potters” Blacksburg, Virginia
1980: “Westwood Clay National” Los Angeles, California
1977: Fosdick Nelson Gallery Alfred, New York

2014: Visual Arts Center , Richmond, Va. 2 day Demo workshop
2013: Huara Huara: Santiago, Chile 10 day hands on workshop
2013: La Meridiana: Certaldo Italy,2 week hands on workshop and Italian experience Fall
2013: San Fransisco Clayworks: San Francisco,Ca. 3 Day Demo Workshop: June 28-30
2013: Carolina Clay Matters: Piedmont Com. College Charlotte, NC February 16-17
2013: Little Pottery Shop: Frederick, Md. 2 Day Demo Workshop:. March 9-10
2012: La Meridiana: Certaldo Italy,2 week hands on workshop and Italian experience Fall
2011: Triangle Potters Guild: Raleigh, NC 2 Day Demo Workshop: March 25-27
2011: “Potter’s Council Conference: “Surface and Form” Presenter Cincinatti, Ohio. Jan.28 -30

2010: La Meridiana: Certaldo, Italy 2 week hands on workshop and Italian experience Fall
2010:Marshall University: Huntington, WV. 2 day Demo Workshop Sept 7-9
2010: Making through living-Living through Making-Studio Pottery 2010
Pre-NCECA Conference: Montgomery Community College, Blue Bell, Pa. March 29-30
2009: Arrowmont School of Crafts: :Lids Handles and Spouts”: Gatlinburg, Tn. March
2009: East lansing Potter’s Guild: Lansing, Michigan 2 day Demo Workshop Jan.20-22
2008: La Meridiana: Certaldo Italy 2 week Hands on Workshop and Italian experience Fall
2008: Shakerag: Sewqanee, Tennessee: June 22-28 1 week hands-on workshop
2008: Duluth Art Institue: Duluth, Minnesota: March 29-30
2008: Pottery West: Las Vegas, Nevada February 22-25
2008: East Tennessee State University: Johnson City, TN February 7-8
2008: Ceramic Designer’s Association: Virginia Beach, Va. January 15-16
2007: Piedmont Technical College: Edgefield, South Carolina September15-16
2007: Clay Art Center: Portchester, NY: July 30-August 3 1 week hands-on workshop
2007: HAYSTACK: Deer Isle, Maine: June 17-29 2 week hands-on workshop
2007: Ann Arbor Potters Guild: Ann Arbor, Michigan March 24-25
2007: Local Clay: Bloomington, Indiana: February 24-25
2007: Craft Guild of Dallas: Dallas, Texas: January 23-28 5 day hands-on workshop
2006: “La Meridiana” Certaldo Italy 2 week Hands on Workshop and Italian experience Fall
2006: Syracuse Potters: Syracuse, NY: June 10-11
2006: Cape Cod Potters: Cape Cod, Massachusettes: March 21-22
2006: Wesleyan Potters: Middletown, Connecticut: March 17-19
2005: Jacksonville Center: Floyd, Virginia 3 day hands on workshop August12-14 2005: Anderson Ranch: Snowmass Village 2 week hands on workshop July 3- 15
2005: Hambidge Center: Rabun Gap, Ga. week long hands on workshop June13-17
2005: Nancy Green Studio: Watkinsville, Ga. weekend demo workshop June
2005: North Harris College: Houston, Txexas 4 day hands on workshop January 6 - 9
2004: La Meridiana Certaldo Italy: 2 week hands on workshop andTuscan experience fall
2004: Odyssey: Asheville North Carolina: 1 week hands on workshop May 31- June 4
2004: Terra Incognito: Oak Park, Illinoise: May 22-24 2 day demo
2004: The Art league: Alexandria, Virginia March 19-21 2 day demo.
2004: Ceramics Guild of Bethesda: Workshop and show Jurying: March 1-3
2004: University of Tennessee Knoxville 2 day presentation Feb. 2 -4
2003: University of Pennsylvania: State College, Pa.1 day presentation and demonstration
2003: Appalachian Center for Crafts: Smithville, Tennessee 1 week
2003: Jamaica: Anderson Ranch: Falmouth, Jamaica 10 days
2003: Claymakers: Durham, North Carolina 1 week
2002: La Meridiana: Certaldo, Italy 2 week workshop
2002: Santa fe Clay: Santa Fe, New Mexico. 1 week workshop
2002: Carolina Clay Guild: Greensboro, North Carolina weekend workshop
2002: William and Mary: Williamsburg, Virginia 1 day workshop
2002: Armory Art Center: West Palm Beach, Florida 1 week workshop
2001: Arrowmont School of Crafts: Gatlinburg, Tennessee 1 week workshop
2001: Red Star Studio: Kansas City, Missouri
2001: The Clay Studio: Portchester, New York 1 week workshop
2000: Anderson Ranch: Snowmass Village, Colorado 2 week workshop
2000: New River Valley Clay Symposium: Blacksburg, Virginia (with Nick Joerling )
2000: South County Art Association: Kingston, Rhode Island
1999: University of North Texas: Denton, Texas
1999: Virginia Beach Potters Association: Virginia Beach, Virginia
1998: Anderson Ranch: Snowmass Village, Colorado 2 week workshop
1998: Texas Pottery and Sculpture Guild: Fort Worth, Texas 1997: Wallingford Potters Guild: Wallingford, Pennsylvania
1997: Arrowmont School of Crafts: Gatlinburg, Tennessee 1 week workshop
1997: N.Y. State School of Ceramics at Alfred: Alfred, N. Y.
1997: Fusion Conference : London, Ontario Canada
1997: Virginia Clay Conference: Front Royal, Virginia
1996: Arrowmont National Utilitarian Clay Symposium: Presenter: Gatlinburg, Tennessee
1996: Hinckley Studio: Washington, D.C.
1996: Haystack Mountain School of Crafts: Deer Isle, Maine 2 week workshop
1995: League of New Hampshire Crftsmen: Bennington, Vermont 5 day workshop
1995: North Carolina Clay Conference: Ashboro, North Carolina
1995: American Ceramic Society: Los Angeles, California
1995: Brambleton Art Center: Roanoke, Virginia
1994: 14th Potters Gathering : Ripley, West Virginia
1994: Peter’s Valley : Layton, New Jersey 10 day workshop
1994: Baltimore Clayworks : Baltimore, Maryland
1993: Duke Art Center: Durham, North Carolina
1993: 92nd Street “Y”: New York City, New York 5 day workshop
1993: Super Mud: New York City, New York
1992: Radford University: Radford, Virginia
1992: Winthrop College: Rock Hill, South Carolina
1992: Craft Guild of Dallas: Dallas, Texas
1991: NCECA Conference: Demonstration Tempe, Arizona
1991: Lee Art Center: Arlington, Virginia
1991: Wesleyan Potters: Middletown, Connecticut
1989: New York State School of Ceramics at Alfred: Alfred, New York
1989: Wesleyan Potters. Middletown, Connecticut
1983: Roanoke College. Roanoke, Virginia
1976: Landmark Society. Friendship, New York ( fall classes )

The International Museum of Ceramic Art: Alfred, New York
San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts: San Angelo, Texas
NY State School of Ceramics at Alfred: Alfred, New York
Art Museum of Southwestern Virginia: Roanoke, Virginia
Mint Museum: Charlotte, North Carolina
Minneapolis Institute of Arts: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Roanoke College: Salem, Virginia
Taubman Museum: Roanoke, Virginia
Crocker Art Museum: Sacramento, California

Virginia Museum Grant 2001
Smithsonian Craft Show Honorable Mention Washington D.C. 1996
First Prize: 7th Annual San Angelo National Ceramic Competition 1992 National Endowment Visual Arts Fellowship Grant: 1991

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