Alessi, the "Dream Factory": a research laboratory in the field of the applied arts which in the last quarter of the 20th century, working in collaboration with the best talents on the international design scene has been able to bring together poetry, creativity, culture, foresight, sincerity, modernism and design excellence like no one else.
Our public: one that knows how to make its way critically through the consumer society and one which I like to imagine with the metaphor of the "dreamer", in other words those who know how to use their imagination and are therefore able to appreciate the poetry and that rare marriage of eccentricity and style which makes our items so unique.
Eccentricity and style, playfulness and culture, irony and elegance: a game of opposites of which I believe no other company can boast such a strict defence or such a precise vocation.
The collection of wrist watches which we present has been developed in conjunction with SII Marketing International Inc.of Austin, Texas, a company that brings together vast professional experience in the field of Japanese and American watchmaking. Together we have been able to create the new Alessi line of watches which, as you will see, not only features excellent design, but also the very best in state-of-the-art-technique, at the right price and with an efficient after sales service assistance program.