Founder Gauri Nanda of Nanda Home Inc.

Gauri Nanda is a designer and entrepreneur. Miss Nanda earned a bachelor's degree from
the University of Michigan Arts and Technology program, and then went on to work for
Apple Computer. The opportunity to pursue graduate work at the MIT Media Lab
presented itself in 2003, and Gauri credits the lab for nurturing her tendency to take
common objects that frustrate her and 'fix' them. Ice trays, pillows, and high heels were
all fair game for re-design. At the lab, Gauri created computational fabric that could
enable things like handbags that tell you when your wallet is missing, to go get your
umbrella because it's about to rain, or even deliberate with your coat pocket to find out if
you've forgotten your phone.

The Clocky alarm clock evolved out of Gauri's own need for an alarm clock that wouldn't
let her snooze repeatedly. She created a prototype for a class project and a flurry of
unexpected attention by the press ensued. Fueled by the realization that many people
were like Gauri and needed a Clocky, she founded Nanda, a company devoted to
combining unique designs with simple ideas that re-invent products we use everyday.

The first shipments of Nanda's Clockies arrived at the homes of over-sleepers in
December 2006.

Nanda and her work have been nationally and internationally recognized. She was
featured on the cover of Inc. magazine and the Boston Globe. Her products have been
discussed in I.D., Dwell, the New York Times 'Year In Ideas' magazine, on the Today
Show, Good Morning America, Jay Leno, and most recently, the Big Idea Show with
Donny Deutsch. She is a prominent speaker in entrepreneurship at Harvard University
Business School, Columbia and New York University.

Gauri is now expanding the Nanda brand by developing new ideas for the home and for
travel- things that once they're used, you don't know how you lived without them.