Clay is an amazing media with unmatched potential for varied form, texture, surface, and artistic intent. It is timeless, enduring, archetypal, seductive and mysterious to work with. With clay, there is more than a lifetime’s worth to experiment with.

My art work is guided by interests in human evolution and history, the force of faith and ideas in shaping our reality, and our collective future. The unbroken chain of our species as it plays out over time, and how the aliens view us millions of years from now. Right now, I think it is very important to both be playful and to produce finely crafted objects.

In America, we work too hard and don’t value play enough…to the point of being uncivilized, to the detriment of our families and our own psychological health. We need to retreat from the sound-byte infotainment of our plastic McCulture. We need to slow down, sacrifice for the future, and make difficult choices in this culture of convenience.

To make things by hand from clay is an act of rebellion, of intentional inefficiency, of retro and reflection, of refusing to cede it all to the machines. I want to make things that make people laugh or be amused or playfully confused or quietly delighted. I want to make things that make people slow down and appreciate the everyday, to reflect on their surroundings, and to think about where we are heading.

Through all of my adult life, I have been experimenting in the arts. My work has included books of poetry, small-scale metal sculpture photocopy art, outdoor sculptural installations, radio broadcast performances, handmade books, collage, digital art, and photography. Much of this has been rather silly and absurd, or Dada as they would have taught me to say in grad school.

I graduated form a liberal arts university where I studied theology, philosophy, and business. It was a course of study that was perfect training for a young tel-Evangelist, although this was not my intent. I also took some art history and studio art and enjoyed the many fine art museums of Washington DC. Then, for most of the 90's, I had an exhilarating day job in the fascinating world of enterprise software applications. When done waiting on the senior executives (not tables) all day, I would go home and make art. Sadly my oodles of stock options were never worth anything.

In 2001 my principal focus shifted to clay, as my sweetie and I began to chase the dream of creating a large community art studio dedicated to clay. We now share space at MudFire Clayworks with 150 artists and students, teach every day, produce monthly gallery exhibits, and host artists from around the world for workshops. This large public studio environment provides a constant stream of new influences and an incredibly wide range of equipment, clay, and firings to experiment with. My clay work reflects the diversity of this environment. I currently make functional ware, abstract and figurative sculpture, and paintings on clay, while continuing to explore other media.

Georgetown University, B.S. in Business Administration, with additional coursework in Art History, Studio Arts, Psychology, Philosophy, and Theology

Classes and workshops taken:
Adrian Arleo, Wally Asselberghs, Susan Beiner, Rick Berman, Steven Branfman, John Britt, Joy Brown, Kyle Carpenter, Lisa Clague, Tony Clennell, Arlene Cohen, Cynthia Consentino, Cristina Cordova, Judith Duff, Debra Fritts, Gwen Fryar, Annette Gates, Silvie Granatelli, Niel Hora, Ken Horvath, Mark Issenberg, Mel Jacobson, Tom Kerrigan, Kathy King, Yosuke Koizume, Leah Leitson, Paul Lewing, Po-Wen Liu, Jennifer Martin, Ron Meyers, Andy Nasisse, Sandra Nissen, Richard Notkin, Jeff Oestreich, Lisa Orr, Vicki Paulet, Mark Peters, Sandi Pierantozzi, Liz Quackenbush, Kari Radasch, Louise Radochonski, Ron Roy, Akira Satake, Michael Schmidt, Nancy Selvin, Mark Shapiro, Paul Soldner, Gay Smith, Stacey Stanhope, Liz Zlot Summerfield, Tip Toland, Paul Andrew Wandless, Janis Mars Wunderlich

Perspectives: Georgia Pottery Invitational, Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation, Watkinsville, GA
Erik Haagensen & Luba Sharapan, Claymakers, Durham, NC
Decals, AKAR Gallery, Iowa City, IA
Summer Swan, Swan Coach House Gallery, Atlanta, GA
Containment 3, Crimson Laurel Gallery, Bakersville, NC
Fired Works: Regional Ceramics Exhibition, Macon Arts Alliance, Macon, GA
Yunomi Invitational, AKAR Gallery, Iowa City, IA
NCECA Drinking Vessel Exhibition curated by Pete Pinnell, Online Sale & Presented at SOFA
One & Only: Gifts Made by Hand, John Michael Kohler Art Center, Sheboygan, MI
Dining with FRANK, FRANK Gallery, Chapel Hill, NC
2011 Hambidge Invitational, Hambidge Center, Rabun Gap, GA , 2011
Yunomi Invitational, AKAR Gallery, Iowa City, IA
Containment II, Crimson Laurel Gallery, Bakersville, NC
Georgia Clay, Gallery Walk at Terminus, Atlanta, GA
Containment, Crimson Laurel Gallery, Bakersville, NC
The Cup, invitational group show, Maralyn Wilson Gallery, Birmingham, AL
Sharing, invitational group show, Crimson Laurel Gallery, Bakersville, NC
Circus-Cartoon Madness, Alcove Gallery, Avondale Estates, GA
Fired Clay, Art Institute of Atlanta-Decatur, Decatur GA
Hank of Oz, Alcove Gallery, Avondale Estates, GA
Earth, invitational group show, Globe Gallery, Clayton, GA
Georgia Pottery Sale, invitational group show, Hambidge Center, Rabun Gap, GA
Gallery Zero, a nomadic gallery
Works and Process, Youth Art Connection Gallery, Atlanta, GA
4th Annual Centered on Clay, Cherokee County Arts Center, Canton, GA
RAD Studio Tour, Holiday Sale, and various group exhibits, MudFire Gallery

Pottery & Sculpture Lessons, taught daily at MudFire, 1000+ students
January 2010
Introduction to Raku, Paideia School, Atlanta
2009, 2010, 2011
Throwing and Decorating, Dogwood Festival, three day demonstration
Introduction to Raku, Emory University, one day workshop for ceramics students, Atlanta
Thrown and Altered Pottery, American Craft Council Show, three day demonstration, Atlanta

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Summer Swan Invitational, Swan Coach House Gallery, Atlanta, Ceramics Curator, 2011
Atlanta Dogwood Festival, Student Art Show awards judge, 2009
Decatur Arts Festival, 3D applications juror, 2009
Fired Clay, Art Institute of Atlanta-Decatur, curator, 2009
Atlanta Arts Festival, 3D applications juror and 3D awards judge, 2007
Decatur Arts Festival, applications juror, 2007
Atlanta Teapot Festival, Founder, 2006, 2007
Works In Clay, Roswell Visual Arts Center, awards judge, 2004
Atlanta Dogwood Festival, 3D applications juror and 3D awards judge, 2004, 2008
MudFire Gallery, Gallery Manager and show curator, 58 group and solo shows, 2002-Present

Crimson Laurel Gallery, Bakersville, NC
Globe Gallery, Clayton, GA
Iron Horse Station Gallery, Hot Springs, NC
Liz-Beth Gallery, Knoxville, TN
MudFire Gallery, Decatur, GA
Winder Binder Gallery, Chattanooga, TN
Young Blood Gallery, Atlanta, GA

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Good Day Atlanta, Fox 5 News, studio visit and pottery lesson, July 2009
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Best of the City, Comcast on Demand, studio and artist profile, November 2008
Search for the Perfect Girlfriend, Playboy Channel, host for pottery lessons date, October 2008
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Blue Collar TV, The WB, on-air appearance with Jeff Foxworthy, et al. teaching pottery, August 2004
Arts In Atlanta, Comcast Community Television, studio and artist profile, May 2003

Studio Artist, 2003-present
MudFire, Co-Owner, Gallery & Workshops Director, 2002-present
Synchrologic, Dir. of Marketing, 1999-2002
POINT Information Systems, Marketing Manager, 1996-1999
Gnossos Software, Senior Management Team, 1994-1996
AbramsonEhrlichManes Advertising, Media Coordinator, 1993
WGTB 690 AM, Programming Director and On-Air Personality, 1990-1993
Yacht Snow Belle, First Mate, 1989-1992