(born April 1, 1943) is a famous modern architect born in Mondrisio, Ticino canton, Switzerland.

He designed his first house at age 16, although no-one mentions if it was built, and studied at the Liceo Artistico in Milan and the Istituto Universitario di ARchitecttura in Venice. His ideas wer influenced by Le Corbusier, Carlo Scarpa, Louis Kahn. He opened his own practice in 1970 in Lugano.
He designed his first buildings at age 16, a two-family house at Morbio Superiore in Ticino. While the arrangements of spaces in this structure is inconsistent, its relationship to its site, separation of living from service spaces, and deep window recesses echo of what would become his stark, strong, towering style. His designs tend to include a strong sense of geometry, often being based on very simple shapes, yet creating unique volumes of space. His buildings are often made of brick, yet his use of material is wide, varied, and often unique. His trademark style can be seen widely in Switzerland particularly the Ticino region and also in the Mediatheque in Villeurbanne (1988), a cathedral near Evry (1995), and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art or SFMoMA (1994).
He worked at La Scala's theatre renovation.