Le Jacquard Francais, Farm Family Tea Towel

Le Jacquard Francais, Farm Family Tea Towel
Le Jacquard Francais, Farm Family Tea Towel

Le Jacquard Francais, Farm Family Tea Towel

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Let's all head to the kitchen with the Farm Family collection inspired by farm life and its strong sense of family. You won't be able to resist the bucolic charms of its aprons designed for adults and children, and its tea towels and oven gloves featuring roosters, hens, chicks and country flower motifs. The vibrant colors and fluorescent print add positivity and joie de vivre to the time we spend together in the kitchen. Easy to take care of and with a long lifespan, these products are woven from 100% combed cotton in long, high-quality fibers.

The tea towels from the Farm Family collection evoke memories of a childhood spend in the countryside. The rustic decor is modernized by electrifying colors. A guaranteed favorite.

  • Origin: Made in France
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Size: 24" x 31"

Their products are woven from long, combed fibers: a guarantee of superior quality. The longest fibers produce a fabric that is soft to the touch, durable and perfectly smooth. The delicacy of the combed threads gives our patterns an unrivaled shine and precision.

Le Jacquard Français applies a specific treatment to limit cotton shrinkage during washing. Our cotton remains stable over time and the products retain their size and shape, for your total satisfaction.

For over 130 years, Le Jacquard Fracais has been committed to the artful preservation of the technique of jacquard weaving in France, which was invented in the 19th century by Joseph-Marie Jacquard. Their motto has always been to make products to last. The quality of the materials and dyes they use allows them to guarantee you a quality which lasts over time, without distortion to the fabrics or fading patterns. 

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