Memory Game - Woodland

Memory Game - Woodland
Memory Game - Woodland
Memory Game - Woodland
Memory Game - Woodland

Memory Game - Woodland

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If you're looking for fun + learning - it's a match! These adorable acorn shaped Memory Game cards are perfect for play and just the right size for little hands. Kids will be entertained by the animal and plant illustrations, designed to encourage conversation and imagination. You will find owl, squirrel, hedgehog, fox, and more in this illustrated Woodland themed set.

How to Play: Lay each card face down on a flat surface. Placing the cards in neat rows will assist with keeping track of their locations. Each turn, a player turns over two cards to see if they have found a matching pair.  If you get a pair, place those cards in front of you and take another turn. It is the next player's turn when no match is made.  Once all of the cards are matched, the player who has the most pairs wins.

  • Includes 40 cards for 20 matching pairs
  • For ages 3+
  • The cards are made of sturdy FSC certified board, and the box has a magnet closure for easy storage.

As a graphic designer with a background in Chemistry, Botany and Zoology, founders, Surya and Dave who was a teacher, was fascinated by the idea of helping our baby’s brain develop by literally playing with visuals. Their goal is to create toys that are simple, clever, and help you discover the beauty of connecting with the little people that are most important to us.

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