Cable Tag, Multi Pack of 10

Cable Tag, Multi Pack of 10
Cable Tag, Multi Pack of 10

Cable Tag, Multi Pack of 10

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10 tags in the package to help you identify your cables!

You can write on it with a normal ball pen or a marker. It fits cables up to 1 cm / 0.5" in diameter.

Bobino thinks about solutions! Their vision is ‘an easier daily life through simple innovation’. One of their primary objectives for Bobino the past 12 years was to create something useful for their customersThe Bobino brand stands for innovation, creativity, pragmatism and quality. In a crowded field of competitors, the Bobino identity stands out with its bold and minimalistic design language. Their brand and their people have roots in Italy, The Netherlands, United States, France, Colombia, Chile, Iran and a few other countries. This diversity has enriched their creativity with different perspectives.  

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