Raven: Stovetop Kettle + Tea Steeper

Fellow, Raven: Stovetop Kettle + Tea Steeper, Temperature Gauge on Lid
Raven: Stovetop Kettle + Tea Steeper
Raven: Stovetop Kettle + Tea Steeper

Raven: Stovetop Kettle + Tea Steeper

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Raven stovetop kettle and tea steeper makes steeping any type of tea easy with it’s steep-range thermometer, weighted handle, and integrated tea filter. Heat and steep your tea in the same vessel, saving time and cleanup. Steep at the perfect temperature for green/white teas, oolongs and black teas using the color guide on your steep-range thermometer. Raven’s contemporary yet classic design takes familiar shapes, like the iconic pointed tea point and mixes it with Fellow’s modern design style.

Product Details:
  • Gas, electric, and induction range compatible
  • 1.0 Liter boiling capacity
  • Stainless steel body
  • Food and dishwasher safe silicone lid
  • *Slight discoloration on bottom of copper Raven will occur when used on gas and electric stoves.
  • Please be aware that placing product on rough or unclean surfaces, as well as normal daily use on cooking ranges, will damage finish on bottom of kettle. This is normal wear and does not affect functionality.

Fellow's creators are a handful of nerds in love with coffee, and obsessed with product design. Fellow began as a Kickstarter campaign. They sought out to create a different type of coffee brewer, one that was equally functional and beautiful.

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