ACME "Abbey Road" Watch

ACME "Abbey Road" Watch
ACME "Abbey Road" Watch
ACME "Abbey Road" Watch
ACME "Abbey Road" Watch
ACME "Abbey Road" Watch

ACME "Abbey Road" Watch

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"Abbey Road - Men's"
Product: Wrist Watch
Design: The Beatles
Released: 2011
Edition Finished: 2014, Style Archived

The "Abbey Road" watch was designed by Fredi Brodmann for "The Beatles Collection" by ACME Studio. This watch comes with a manual wind mechanism; no batteries needed. The second hand is a rotating disc, which shows the 4 lads crossing the iconic Abbey Road crosswalk. This is the Men's edition of the watch which has a larger casing and a black strap. This watch is a limited edition of 1,000 pieces.

© 2011 Apple Corps Ltd. A Beatles™ Product

This product is part of the PERMANENT COLLECTION OF THE ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME The ACME Studios was founded by Adrian Olabuenaga and his wife Lesley Bailey in 1985. The company has collaborated with well know artists, musicians and architects producing lines of pens, and art.

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