Dreamy Girl Mobile

Dreamy Girl Mobile
Dreamy Girl Mobile

Dreamy Girl Mobile

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Transform your room with little girls, cherry blossoms, and paper cranes all floating mid-air. Mobiles bring whimsy to a space otherwise not seen. These are not just for the kids! Colorful and vibrant, these themed mobiles decorate the sky of any room.

Made of durable polypro (plastic) and metal rods. Assembly instructions & hanger included, boutique box packaging.

  • 28.3" x 10.2"

DJECO was created in 1954 by Véronique Michel-Dalès, whose goal was to devise educational games that are attractive and fun at the same time. After a small break, DJECO was passed down to the son of Véronique, Frédéric. It has since only grown, and is now distributed in over 60 countries.

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