Find It!

Find It!
Find It!

Find It!

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The Find It® ORIGINAL version contains natural-colored pellets with 40+ hidden objects secured by forest green caps. The objects are much smaller increasing the challenge. It is suggested for teens and older players. The Original version is a beautiful game to leave on the coffee table, in the office or waiting room. The objects consist of a wing nut, popcorn kernel, light bulb, bell, staple, and the elusive US penny. The hidden objects are itemized on the top cap with a check off pad included with the game.

  • All Find It® games are assembled in the USA.
  • The greatest challenge is finding the elusive US penny hidden in every game!
  • Is a safe and secure game with 40+ hidden items in a colorful medium.
  • Dimensions: 10" l x 3.5" w x 3.5" h
  • Weight: 2 lb

Since 2003, Find It® games have been an evergreen product retailed in thousands of stores. With over 4,000,000 games sold, Find It® crosses over from Gift to Toy & Novelty and a great addition for any business. Find It® is played by consumers of all ages, 8-98. As a “Contained Adventure”. All Find It® games are fully assembled and shipped from Texas. Find it® games are the perfect, no mess, no clean up, no noise and no batteries required game for business or home. 

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