Genius Square Game

Genius Square Game
Genius Square Game
Genius Square Game
Genius Square Game

Genius Square Game

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  • Happy Puzzle Company Game - 25 years significant player in UK
  • Game of the Year; #1 Game of LEXP and TGTG
  • 62, 208 possible solutions in the 6X6 grid; a different challenge every time
  • Every puzzle have 1+ possible solution
  • Roll the dice, place the blockers, and race to fill out the gird against the opponent
  • Enjoyable by adults & kids
  • Promotes problem solving and motor manipulation skill training
  • Well-made family game
  • 1-2 player game; against the opponent or the clock
  • Ages 6+

Made in China

Founded in 2012 by Zvika Givli, MukikiM is a privately held company specializing in bringing the highest quality toys to market. MukikiM's philosophy is to maintain a strong family work environment while offering a great selection of quality products paired with the highest standards of service to our customers.

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