Plato's Cube


Plato's Cube

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Plato's Cubes cubes come with 7 colors representing the visible spectrum! Perfect for science experiments dealing with color theory and light. These beautiful translucent cubes come with 35 colorful blocks to play with. Each cube is carefully handcrafted with beveled edges.

  • 5 cubes for each 7 colors
  • Each cube is 2.5cm (1") in size & They're made from non-toxic acrylic.
  • Ages 3+
  • NOTE: As these are all hand made with high quality, non-toxic acrylic

They can be used to create all sorts of different effects in your creations, and the translucent material means that light can shine through them in interesting ways. With so many possibilities, the only limit is your imagination!

About CMY Cubes: These seemingly magical color-defying cubes, tetrahedrons, icosahedrons, and more are captivating the world, seeing 1200% growth in the first six months alone. Shortly after launching, CMY Cubes went viral, which launched CMY into the market quickly. Co-founder Gabi Saper elaborates further, "As with many people, COVID put us in an extremely difficult financial situation with work drying up for Lorenzo during the peak of lockdown. This gave him a little more time on his hands to find a new way to make ends meet. Lorenzo is a bit of a science nerd and we both have always loved experimenting and making new things so we came up with the idea for making CMY Cubes. What we didn't realize is that it would be as big of a hit as it has become all over the world. We love knowing that we created something that people not only wanted but needed."

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