Silicone Baby Bib, Rainbow

Mushie Silicone  Baby Bib, Rainbow

Silicone Baby Bib, Rainbow

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Keep your little one feeling comfy and clean with this fun-loving collection of silicone bibs. Designed in Sweden, Mushie bibs feature classic patterns capturing a look that's both timeless and elegant. 

These bibs feature rounded, built-in neck fasteners for a snug and comfy fit. Deep front pocket is perfect for catching food, keeping your baby and surrounding area clean.

  • Made from food-grad silicone, these  playful bibs are BPA and phthalate free.
  • Easy to clean, these bibs resist stains and do not absorb water. Wash with soap

Mushie was founded in 2018 by Mushie and Levi Feigenson in a spare bedroom in their Southwest Houston home. All product design is odne in Houston and Sweden by a team of designers led by Mushie. The company utilizes factories in the U.S., Denmark, Turkey, and Asia.

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