Stainless Steel Filter

Stainless Steel Filter
Stainless Steel Filter
Stainless Steel Filter

Stainless Steel Filter

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Designed to fit and excel. This removable BPA-free silicone grip complements your wooden or glass Chemex and grips the glass rim securely. Unlock new flavors with dual filter construction superior quality 18/8 304 stainless steel with dual filter technology: a superfine high-quality mesh on the inside and a laser-cut filter on the outside.

Brewing you a cup of coffee closer to the flavor of a french press, reusable filters do not capture the natural oils and acids in coffee beans the same way as paper filters. Giving you a more flavor rich cup.

  • Eco-friendly & save you money
  • Can be used in place of 6/8 cup paper filters
  • Made in China

At Ovalware, they believe making coffee is an art. They are committed to designing and bringing the best manual brewing experience to the consumer – coffee connoisseurs and occasional drinkers alike. They believe the right way to brew coffee is all relative. From thermometer kettles to cold brew makers to carafes, Ovalware provides all the tools to satisfy everyone’s unique preferences. Because at the end of the day, they believe coffee is a thrilling, rewarding adventure and their products can teach us all important brewing and life lessons.

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