Too Many Monsters Card Game

Too Many Monsters Card Game
Too Many Monsters Card Game

Too Many Monsters Card Game

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Fast and monstrous fun! Collect as many creatures as you can to win the game.

Instructions included for a fun long lasting stack-match-game! All the cards are dealt into player piles with the monsters face down, the youngest player goes 1st turning up their first card and then round the circle players flip up their top card until there are two matching monsters. The player to yell MONSTER! first gains the slow-pokes monster stack to add to their pile! Play time can go on for ages or stop when someone runs out of cards.

But you can also play as a matching game! Play as a memory game! Or play as Go Fish! 

  • Our spin on the classic "Snap" game
  • Great game for traveling
  • Recommended for 2-4 players
  • Perfect for Halloween or year-round fun!
  • Ages 4+

Petit Collage is all about good design. We combine a modern aesthetic with a sustainability criteria to create bold, thoughtful products to delight little ones. With a focus on designing with the health of our children, and the planet in mind, we strive to make our products beautiful and fun in equal measure. In 2006, Petit Collage founder, Lorena Siminovich, hand-crafted a little animal collage using recycled materials as a gift for a pregnant friend.

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